Runners Evaluation

Runners Evaluation Therapist

Kim Laura Boyle

Rehabilitate your run!

This is a unique, sport specific biomechanical evaluation for all types of runners. Individuals will go through a comprehensive total body evaluation that incorporates muscle strength and flexibility testing, joint mobility assessment, movement screening, and a recorded gait and running analysis. Marathon andrunners evaluation distance, adventure and trail racing, 5 K and track and field runners can benefit from this individualistic performance test.

Dr. Boyle’s TEMPO (Therapeutic Enhanced Measurable Performance Outcomes) program is researched-based and sport specific to running. The program will provide an individualized look at how your specific movement patterns, strength & flexibility, and shoe wear have an impact on your running form. The evaluation and specialized program is developed to meet the needs and goals of the client. Each client is provided information on the findings as well as suggestions for exercises that can be utilized to improve running form and efficiency and decrease rates of injury. Rehabilitation of specific injuries; prevention of injury and performance enhancement for the upcoming season; or review of your individual program and performance will be addressed and follow-up appointments will be made on an individual basis.


  • Biomechanical Evaluation: $150
  • Follow-up Sessions: $60