Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists

Keelin Reegan-Reed        Kim-Laura Boyle
PT, DPT                                            PT, DPT

Dr. Regan-Reed and Dr. Boyle are both licensed physical physical therapisttherapists specializing in orthopedics and sports rehabilitation.  At Keelin Studio we provide quality care and one-on-one personal attention.

Our Therapists provide unique quality care to their patients and are hands on in their diagnostic and clinical approach to treatment, providing comprehensive and advanced methods of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and sport performance training and rehabilitation.

Keelin Studio is designed to promote patients to a higher quality of life that they would not otherwise see in traditional methods of rehabilitation.  Our philosophy and mission is to empower others to achieve their goals.


Dr. Keelin Regan-Reed and Dr. Kim-Laura physical therapyBoyle believe in hands on treatments for the overall quality of care given to their patients. They both provide massage and soft tissue techniques, manipulations when necessary, and a variety of joint mobilization techniques for optimal muscular-skeletal alignment and health.

Combining manual treatments with detailed therapeutic exercises create ideal skeletal alignment, reduction and elimination of pain, and overall functional improvements. Patients see immediate results with weekly treatments and often are receiving on average 2-5x treatments.


MANY HEALTH CARE INSURANCE PLANS WILL REIMBURSE FOR OUT OF NETWORK PHYSICAL THERAPY. If you have out of network benefits through your insurance plan, we will provide you with receipts with proper codes for you to submit to your insurance company for direct reimbursement. We also accept payment through HSA’s (health savings accounts).

We are a “direct access” facility that does not require a referral from a physician.  This allows patients quick and easy access to care and gives the clinician the ability to use their knowledge and skills to the best of their ability. We are able to provide preventative care, sport specific advance training, and immediate emergency treatment when necessary.


A modality is an additional tool that physical therapist use to create optimal pain relief and improved function. Examples of types of tools/modalities that are used at Keelin Studio are:

  • Ultra Sound – promotes healing and tissue circulation
  • Electrical Stimulation – mild electrical current for muscle re-education, pain reduction, and tissue circulation
  • Iontophoresis – used to reduce acute inflammation
  • Dry Needling – elimination of pain and improved circulation
  • Micro Current E-Stim – pain control and nerve healing stimulation
  • Cupping Massage – muscle & joint pain, adhesion release and stimulation of lymphatic drainage(5 minutes of Cupping = 30 minutes of Deep Tissue Massage)

Physical Therapy Pricing

  • Diagnostic Biomechanical Evaluations: $140.00
  • Physical Therapy Treatments: $60.00*
  • Physical Therapy & Massage: 30/30(1hr) $90.00
  • Dry Needling Session: $40.00

* BUY A BOOK OF 10 TREATMENTS FOR $550.00 ($55/treatment)