A Different Kind of Orthotic

Quadrastep System: Semi-Custom Orthotics

The Quadrastep orthotic is a unique orthotic that is durable and long lasting. These orthotics correct your pronation, support your arch and correct your front and rear foot angles. Many custom and over the counter orthotics fail to address the multidirectional angles and dysfunctions of the foot.

Hammer toe pain, plantar faciitis, patella femoral knee pain, and bunion pain are just a few examples of different diagnoses that stem from very different foot types. They all require different levels of foot and arch support. After a thorough mechanical and foot evaluation we will fit you with an orthotic to use on your own for 2-4 weeks. We guarantee 100% satisfaction before your purchase ($100 for a set), so if you are not completely satisfied you can return them with no questions asked!

Interested in what foot type you might be?

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