Keelin Studio for Strength and Wellness is a unique facility in Newbury N.H. that offers performance enhancement, sport and orthopedic physical therapy, individual biomechanical evaluations, gait and running analysis, private-personal training and group fitness classes all under one roof.

Dr. Keelin Regan-Reed and Dr. Kim-Laura Boyle provide 100% of the physical therapy services to their patients. They are hands-on in their diagnostic and clinical approach to treatment, providing comprehensive and advanced methods of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, as well as sport performance training and rehabilitation.

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MANY HEALTH CARE INSURANCE PLANS WILL REIMBURSE FOR OUT OF NETWORK PHYSICAL THERAPY. If you have out of network benefits through your insurance plan, we will provide you with receipts with proper codes for you to submit to your insurance company for direct reimbursement. We also accept payment through HSA’s (health savings accounts).

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  • Keelin’s skills, humor and some time she can give you your life back. Where doctors see parts of a person Keelin sees the entire person. It is with her vision and knowledge of the whole person sprinkled with a great supporting staff she will have you feeling like you can accomplish anything in no time at all.

    Shayne Marshall
  • I attribute the good parts of my life to coming to Keelin Studio. They have an amazing ability to bring both Physical Therapy and exercise together with a great motivational spirit, which makes it fun.

    Hoyt Chapin
  • I drive 600 miles to see my Physical Therapist at Keelin Studio.

    Jennifer Dwight
  • Having been associated both as Instructor with the medical profession and as a College Coach I can say with confidence that Keelin’s diagnostic skills are peerless and her treatment modalities superb.

    Dr. Paul F. MacVittie
  • Without reservation I recommend Keelin Studio physical therapy. From diagnosis to treatment and resolution Keelin is thorough, professional and gifted.

    Linda Powell
  • Keelin is a Human MRI. I have been a patient on several occasions. As a medical practitioner for nearly 40 years, involved in the training of hundreds of medical students, interns, and residents, I can honestly state that Keelin’s physical diagnostic skills are truly remarkable. This unique ability only enhances the success of her therapeutic plan

    William McLaughlin, MD